Guide to the best smart home devices in 2020

Let’s face it: By 2020, the growth of smart home innovation is not so ideal. Even if you are just a wise thermostat or voice assistant, and sometimes you need help, the principle of townhouses has become extremely common and widespread. However, as more and more people bring artificial intelligence directly into their homes, it is more important than ever to ensure that you only use the best smart home tools available today.

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In this article, we will discuss the following:

The meaning of smart houses and smart home devices
Recommended equipment needed to create a reliable smart house
If you really like smart innovation, you can add other devices.

Our goal is to help you understand how, when and why smart homes innovate so that you can choose what you need at home. With luck, you can make your life more convenient.

What is a smart home device?

This is a possible answer:
Connecting to various other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to generate network gadgets, customers can use this to manage various residential operations more effectively.

But what does this mean in actual human language? Let’s try to fit the description:

Any kind of technology can be compared with other innovations and simplify the installation procedure for the entire house.

ew! This is better. We believe that modern technologies for smart homes should be more basic common sense, especially when the market wants to maintain development.

The logic is simple: if you can connect gadgets to Wi-Fi in your house, you can have them talk to each other and then set them to perform specific tasks immediately, so you don’t need to think about it. It should be associated with developing your own Jetsons style house to minimize your burden at the end of a long day.

Just like Je​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​on Rosie, all of these start from the main device, you can use it to manage anything else. The department calls it a “hub”.

Choose the ideal smart home center

In a sense, the “appropriate” center can be used as a basic decision to choose the center that matches the brand name of your smart device.

If you like iPhone, you must start with Apple HomeKit.
If you are an Android customer, Google Nest Center will play the best role.
If you don’t know the brand name, you can choose Samsung,, Hubitat, and various other items.

Basically, if you want to go all out to develop a smart house, no matter where you are, you can adjust it through voice commands, and you need a hub as the basis for operation. You also need to buy routers and satellites throughout the home to support additional tasks on the Wi-Fi network-for this reason, we recommend that you use a Nest Wi-Fi mesh router.

Every family member has 5 smart living devices

What needs to be clear is that we use smart house equipment of various sizes and shapes. Over the years, we have actually brought a series of these items into our homes in recognition of our preference for innovation. This is why we usually start our recommendations with the following referrals:

From now on, only use web content that makes sense to you.

A wise lawn sprinkler can track rainfall levels and weather forecasts to determine exactly how much water is needed and how long it takes to irrigate the yard. Is this audio really great? Naturally! But do you need it today? Probably not! It’s okay, because you may need it later.

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Therefore, we will first provide our favorite products that can create traditional smart homes. Obviously, you can include more beautiful features, but without these 5 gadgets, this house cannot be called a wise home.

  1. Voice assistant
    For most people, their smart living journey either starts with a voice assistant or with a smart thermostat (we will definitely review it later). If you want to create a house that can be managed by voice, you need someone to talk to. In short, it really depends on what you will use the assistant for and the type of phone you are using.

Yes, Amazon Mirror Dot is almost everywhere now, especially if you are a consumer. However, if you are a single Android user or a user who currently likes to use Nest Nest Thermostat, you can easily use Google Nest Mini.

Both can be used as wise speakers, but there are definitely options that sound better (we will definitely review them later). And, because they can provide better control over the basic elements of connected tools on the network, you can update these two gadgets to actual display panel choices in the future.

  1. Thermostat
    Experts are directly divided into Ecobee smart thermostat (with voice control) and Nest Nest understanding thermostat. They can all be adjusted by mobile phones, and they all work. It is best to write a set of preferred temperature level standards, and then let them maximize these temperature level settings according to your task and the climate of the area.
  2. Light
    Phillips Tone is a leader in top smart light bulb technology. With choices and features (consisting of colors, colors, light levels, voice control, etc.) and also including growth, the rate will still decrease. Choose from basic bulbs, light strips, decorative lights and more!
  3. Plugin
    We are followers of two smart plugins of different brands: Kasa and SmartThings. All brand names allow you to set a detailed schedule of when and how to use the plug-in tool. This makes it ideal for floor lamps and joy lamps. They also provide the ability to monitor power usage.

We particularly like the follower of the Kasa smart switchboard, which allows you to adjust each socket separately. This allows you to limit wasted vampire power while maintaining connected customer digital gadgets

. 5. Safety of family members
The use of sex-wise devices for home security has actually become one of the biggest developments in this technology. We divide your choices into 3 categories: electronic cameras, buzzers and overall security systems.

Electronic camera
Although Nest, SmartThings and other brands provide excellent home electronic cameras, our recommendation is that Arlo continues. why? Because they are the most effective outdoor cameras on the market, they are equipped with cable TV and batteries that can withstand almost all climates.

The leading market comes from Ring and Nest. Both provide smart device notifications, so you can see it right at the door, and both provide some video recordings for free.

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Security system
The only real option is Simplisafe. Not only can you create a movie based on the best area you assume and shoot the camera according to your own problems, but in addition, you can also use a secure application to track and adjust any content. And, better yet, the security agreement between you and the company authorized is monthly rather than long-term.

Use 4 cooler smart home devices to enter the next stage

These are added functions, accessories, but you don’t need to develop the core smart house environment. But trust us, when you add them to your house, you must not be able to imagine life before owning them.

  1. Speaker
    Let’s face it: if you are a hardcore audiophile looking for original sound clarity for your vintage vinyl records, there may not be a wise audio speaker on the market that will satisfy you. But for the large number of song lovers out there, especially those who want to deliver music to every room in the house without walking, you need to choose Mirror Studio or Sonos One.

Among all the major wise speaker manufacturers, they have the best noise clarity and the ability to adjust the sound settings of songs according to the tune. Sonos One is compatible with more streaming media solutions and voice assistants, but Echo Workshop’s UX is more concise and its functions are more intuitive.

  1. Lock
    Improve your previous home protection system to a whole new level through the smart lock of the front door. The best in the company is August Smart Lock. Unlike other products on the market, this product can be placed on your existing lock, and it can also allow you to use the perfect key even in the event of a short-distance power failure. Even better, you can connect it to a smart device and you can also use a protected PIN to connect to a voice assistant.
  2. Yard care
    This is the beginning of the truly fascinating thing-the opportunity to never be unclean by working on the lawn again. Although you still need to weed the flowering bed, you can now buy a smart lawn mower from Husqvarna. Its operating principle is essentially like Roomba grass. It uses modern technology of the sensing unit to determine where to go and not to go. It can also determine the height of its leaves according to the height of the grass.

After that, using Rachio’s Wi-Fi grass watering, you can even further improve the degree of grass treatment. This excellent system will definitely accept your planned schedule from the beginning, Isaac on the backyard, but it uses current modern technology to tailor the watering pattern for you. By focusing on the lawn humidity in relation to the current rainfall and the expected humidity, it can change your watering program in terms of quantity, length and intensity. The goal is to provide you with the healthiest yard with the least amount of work.

  1. Household appliances
    In this category, for tech-savvy individuals, things may be on the right track. In the last few years, we saw all “smart” things, from hair dryers, level irons, toothbrushes to microwave ovens, automatic dehumidifiers and slow-moving cookware. Sometimes, we are not sure just how these devices make your life more convenient, due to the fact that you still need to do some work manually. You can use the sound management smart thermostat or speaker to make it work, but you still have to hold the “smart” hair dryer in your hand to use it.

Our company believes that there are actually two smart home devices that are worth the money, and there are still problems: Hoover and refrigerators. Rumba can retain the gold requirements of household vacuum cleaners with the push of a button, along with battery life and suction conscious improvements and better for each model.

Regarding the high-tech refrigerator, our funding comes from Samsung’s latest version, because its modern technology seems to eventually become the control center of family activities. When you go shopping, you can not only see if the items on the list are missing on the refrigerator, but people can also interact with each other through messages and calendars. This is your timeline for traditional pencil and paper family members updated for the 21st century.

Remember: when building a wise home, you don’t need to do all the small feasible things. Our goal is to buy the most effective smart house tool that is meaningful to you and also your family. If it does not make your life more convenient, then you may not need it later.