What makes us need a Portable monitor

Why do we need portable displays?

Many people use laptops, tablets and even smartphones in their daily work. They are smaller in size than home computers, and one of the most critical things is that we can carry them with us. Usually, because the weight is lighter but still bulky, people will definitely choose a laptop with a 13-inch screen. Although some people use 11-inch tablets, the screen may be too small when you need to use it all day. If you read the small print for a long time, it is not safe for our eyes. This is why we need additional monitors to protect our eyes.

Portable display1

Once and for all, almost everywhere

You can take your laptop anywhere. How exactly do you need to provide projects to customers outside the workplace? The display screen of the portable computer is also very small and cannot reveal your thoughts. Then, you can consider using a larger screen size. However, a larger display size may make the laptop heavier. This may be useful when you are working in the office or at home. However, when you need to work outdoors or travel with a portable computer system, the weight of the portable computer will be an issue. Therefore, a lightweight mobile screen will become your choice.

Many of the latest mobile phone displays are very lightweight. It can be carried as easily as an iPad. It is still easy to pull the laptop and mobile screen. You can disclose your suggestions anytime and anywhere.

Is it troublesome to bring two accessories? You can just use your phone or tablet to discuss. Just connect your phone or tablet and use them to express your ideas! No need for a laptop anymore!

If I am a student, there is no reason to need a portable display, right? of course not! Mobile screens are used not only for commercial purposes, but also for home entertainment. Portable displays can be connected not only to smart devices and laptops, but also to Switch, PS4 and TV boxes. Therefore, you can play “Overcooked” with your good friends on Change on the big screen. In addition, it is also a portable display for PS4. Those who like games don’t have to miss this phone display!

Want to enjoy movies while traveling by train or plane? Is the phone not big enough to play movies? Then, you need a portable screen to travel. Not only you, you can additionally share movies or TV shows with loved ones. Why don’t you get one now?

Reason 2-easy to build

The standard external screen requires a separate power supply. If there is no power plug, the external monitor cannot be used. In addition, when we connect an external monitor to a portable computer, we can only connect using an HDMI cable. It is not easy to find HDMI cables when needed. What about mobile displays?

For the new mobile screen, we only need to connect it to the notebook computer to turn on the power of the mobile screen. Considering that the mobile display will generate electricity through the linked gadget, you don’t need to find another power source for it. Don’t need to worry about power issues, you can also turn on the mobile display when needed. If you find that the tool’s battery is exhausted, the portable monitor can also generate electricity from a mobile power source.

Portable display2

No other settings are required to contact the laptop. Just use a C-type universal cable or HDMI cable to connect it to the laptop and also the screen. Then, you can expand the display range as needed. Given that portable screens are not limited to using HDMI cables, the link is more convenient. It can get power from the connected device. Only one wire can be connected to the power supply and the gadget.

Effectively break down the three tasks

Have you ever frequently switched to various other browsers when using a portable computer? This is not very convenient when we need to check 2 records. If we display two files at the same time, the word count is very small due to the use of a 13-inch portable computer. Then, an additional screen is required.

Mobile display can help you effectively open 2 or more applications at the same time. Whether you are viewing consumables, conducting video editing meetings with customers, or streaming YouTube video clips, your application is always in sight.

The above are the reasons why a portable screen is needed not only for work but also for entertainment. Are you using a laptop? Why don’t you try portable screens and can also improve your work efficiency?